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Career Advising Programme (CAP)

Specially tailored for Decision Analytics / Risk Management / Statistics (as first major), BASc(AppliedAI), BSc(Actuarial Science), Master of Data Science, Master of Statistics and the Department’s RPG students, the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science has launched the Career Advising Programme (CAP).

In conjunction with the Department’s Internship Programme, the CAP aims to help students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses in terms of interview/CV writing skills and better prepare students to seize career opportunities readily.

Besides one-to-one career consultation, the CAP will organise other career-related activities to deepen students’ understanding of the industries. The following is a non-exhaustive list of services and activities provided under the CAP:

  • Tailored consultation on CV and cover letter writing
  • One-to-one or group consultation on interview skills, e.g. mock interview
  • Tailored modules of Professional Preparation Programme (PPP) (in collaboration with CEDARS)
  • Career talks
  • Company visits
  • Alumni sharing
  • The services and activities are completely funded by the Department for its students exclusively. Places will be subject to availability on a first come, first served basis.


     Tailored consultation on CV and cover letter writing

    Guideline to writing CV and cover letters

    Our Department has prepared a guideline to writing CV and cover letters and provided some sample documents for our Actuarial Science, Risk Management, Statistics and Decision Analytics students. Please click the link below for the guidelines and sample CV and cover letters.

    If you wish to have your CV and cover letter scrutinised by Mr Y.C. Chiu, the Department's Career Advisor, please send your request with the following information to

  • Full name in English (Please also state your name in the email title)
  • UID
  • First major/Programme and Year of study
  • Mobile number
  • Personal email address
  • CV and cover letter (to be attached in the email)
  • Our career advisor will contact you within 1-2 weeks. A meeting may be arranged if necessary.

    Note: If you need advice for both CV/cover letter writing and consultation on interview skills and job preparation, please send your request ONCE only to Please see below for the required information.


     One-to-one consultation on interview and job preparation

    If you need advice on your interview skills (in general or for a particular job), preparation for some specific jobs or wish to participate in a mock interview, please send your request with the following information to

  • Full name in English (Please also state your name in the email title)
  • UID
  • First major/Programme and Year of study
  • Mobile number
  • Personal email address
  • CV and cover letter (to be attached in the email)
  • The advertisement/details of the job that you are going to be interviewed for (if applicable).
  • Our career advisor will contact you within 1-2 weeks for arranging a meeting.

    Note: Group consultation and mock interview in a group format are also welcome. You can invite some of your fellow classmates (also students of our Department) to form a group if you prefer. Please indicate your wish and necessary information in your request.


     Cancellation Policy

    Students may wish to know that the Department pays for the above consultation services, which is especially hired in the interests of students. The Department hopes that students will make the most of the CAP and keep ahead in career developments. It has come to the Department’s attention that some students registered for the events but did not turn up. Some students notified the department in short notice, whilst some did not bother to do so.

    In this regard, we have a Cancellation Policy for departmental career-related events. Please read the policy very carefully for your own benefit.

    Please understand that our teachers and staff work very hard to liaise with different parties in order to organize experiential events for students. Although all of us are extremely busy for our teaching, research and administrative duties, we put a lot of time and resources to reach out and prepare the activities for the sake of students. If anyone might not be able to attend the event, he/she should have informed the Department earlier, so that valuable resources would not be wasted.

    Lastly, we hope you all understand that the purpose of the cancellation policy was NOT to penalize anyone, but to prevent resources being wasted and to allow us help those interested students who are eager and determined to succeed in their future careers.



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    2015-09-04Registration for CAP Induction and Talk about Quant Job Interview Skills and Market Update 2015pdf


     Your Feedback

    Given that the CAP is a highly tailored programme in the sole interests of students, we appreciate very much any feedback, comments and even your expectation on the CAP, in order to allow us assist you as much as possible in your career development.

    Please send your comments and feedback regarding our CAP to


     For Enquiry

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