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2022-01-05 Workplace (Internship) Etiquette - Refresher Workshop

A Workplace (Internship) Etiquette Workshop is held every semester for first year students. To strengthen students’ understanding of the importance of workplace etiquette, starting in 2021-22, the Department will provide a refresher workshop in June and December respectively to those who are ready to take up the 6-month internship in the 1st half (H1) or 2nd half (H2) of the year.

Purposes of the Workshop

  • Students who are going to land their first job can better prepare themselves before entering the workplace (e.g. understand what the market expects)
  • With proper workplace etiquette, it will avoid negative comment of interns at the end of the internship assessment
  • Interns who exhibit proper professional etiquette can leave employers with good impression and thus a higher possibility of getting a return offer or future employment

Our career advisor is a very experienced trainer in career counselling and he has guided many students in terms of job hunting and career preparation over the years. We hope students could avoid those common mistakes occurred in the workplace from the cases sharing by the trainer and be a professional candidate in the future.