HKU HKU Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Science, HKU

Research Groups


Our research can be classified into four main research directions: (See our Research Activities and Research Outputs)


 Research Interests of Individual Staff

   Dr. Yuan CAO, BS Fudan; MS, PhD Princeton

Machine Learning; Learning Theory; High-dimensional Data Analysis; Optimization

   Professor Ka Chun CHEUNG, BSc(ActuarSc), PhD HK; ASA

Actuarial Science; Dependent Structures; Stochastic Orders; Risk Measures; Optimal Insurance; Extreme Value Theory

   Dr. Long FENG, BS Renmin U; PhD Rutgers

Statistical Machine Learning; Image Data Analysis; High-dimensional Statistics; Deep Learning

   Professor Wing Kam FUNG, BSocSc HK; PhD HK; FIMS; FASA; FAAAS

Robustness; Longitudinal Data Analysis; DNA Profiling and Forensic Statistics; Statistical Genomics

   Dr. Kai HAN, PhD HK

Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning

   Dr. Marius HOFERT, MSc Syracuse; Dipl.-Math. oec., Dr. rer. nat. Ulm

Dependence Modeling; Computational Statistics; Data Science; Quantitative Risk Management

   Dr. Chi Wai KWAN, BSc, PhD HK

Influential Observations; Multivariate Statistics; Non-linear Random Model

   Dr. Eddy Kwok Fai LAM, BA Saint Thomas; MA New Brunswick; PhD HK

Survival Analysis; Biostatistics; Public Health; Analysis of Infectious Diseases

   Dr. Adela Sau Mui LAU, BEng City; MSc HK; PhD CUHK

Big Data Analytics and Risk Management; Social Media Analytics; Video Analytics; AI Chatbot; Metaverse; Intelligent Marketing; Business/Health Informatics; Knowledge Management and IS Adoption; E-business Strategies and Applications

   Dr. David LEE, BSc(ActuarSc), MPhil HK; PhD British Columbia; ASA

Copula Modelling; Extreme Value Theory; High-dimensional Dependence Structures; Multivariate Tail Dependence

   Professor Stephen Man Sing LEE, BA, PhD Cantab

Bootstrap; Resampling Methods; Statistical Theory: Asymptotics and Applications

   Dr. Eric Ah Lik LI, BSc HK; MEcon, PhD Syd

Real Option Theory and Applications; Resource Economics; Quantitative Trading; Quantum Computing, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

   Professor Guodong LI, BSc, MSc Peking; PhD HK

Time Series Analysis; Financial Econometrics; Quantile Regression; High Dimensional Data Analysis; Machine Learning

   Dr. Wenyuan LI, BSc, BEc, MEc SWUFE; PhD UWaterloo

Actuarial Science; Insurance Economics; Mathematical Finance

   Dr. Liangqiong QU, BEng CSU; PhD UCAS;CityU

AI in Healthcare; Medical Image Processing; Illumination Modeling; Deep Learning

   Dr. Chen WANG, PhD NUS

Random Matrix Theory; Time Series Analysis; High-dimensional Data Analysis

   Dr. Kam Pui WAT, BSc(ActuarSc), PhD HK; SFHEA; FSA; FASHK; CERA; FRM

Actuarial Science; Financial Mathematics; Insurance Risk Models; Financial Risk Analysis; Enterprise Risk Management

   Professor Hailiang YANG, BSc Inner Mongolia; MMath Waterloo; PhD Alberta; ASA; HonFIA

Actuarial Science; Insurance Risk Models; Mathematical Finance

   Professor Guosheng YIN, MA Temple; MSc N Carolina; PhD N Carolina

AI; Bayesian Methods; Big Data; Clinical Trials; Deep Learning; High-dimensional Analysis; Machine Learning; Survival Analysis

   Dr. Lequan YU, BEng ZJU; PhD CUHK

Medical Image Analysis; Machine Learning; Computer Vision; Clinical NLP; AI in Healthcare

   Professor Kam Chuen YUEN, BSc, MSc, PhD Calgary; ASA

Insurance Risk Modelling; Financial Risk Analysis; Survival Analysis

   Dr. Dora Yan ZHANG, BSc Nankai; MSc, PhD NCSU

Big Data Analytics; Bayesian Methods; Biostatistics; Statistical Genetics; Bioinformatics; Public Health and Biomedical Research

   Dr. Michael Minyi ZHANG, BS UCSB; MS, PhD UT Austin

Machine Learning; Bayesian Non-parametrics; Scalable Inference

   Dr. Zhiqiang ZHANG, BSc Nankai; MSc E China Normal; PhD HK

Time Series Analysis; Extreme Value Theory; Insurance Risk Modelling; Machine Learning


Time Series Analysis; Econometrics; Causal Inference