HKU HKU Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Science, HKU

Research Groups


Our research can be classified into four main research directions: (See our Research Activities and Research Outputs)


 Research Interests of Individual Staff

   Dr. Yuan CAO, BS Fudan; MS, PhD Princeton

Machine Learning, Learning Theory, High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Optimization.

   Professor K.C. CHEUNG, BSc(ActuarSc), PhD HK; ASA

Actuarial Science; Dependent Structures; Stochastic Orders; Risk Measures; Optimal Insurance; Extreme Value Theory

   Professor Wing K. FUNG, BSocSc HK; PhD HK; FIMS; FASA; FAAAS

Robustness; Longitudinal Data Analysis; DNA Profiling and Forensic Statistics; Statistical Genomics

   Dr. Kai HAN, PhD HK

Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning

   Dr. C.W. KWAN, BSc, PhD HK

Influential observations; Multivariate statistics; Non-Linear Random Model

   Dr. Eddy K.F. LAM, BA Saint Thomas; MA New Brunswick; PhD HK

Survival Analysis. Biostatistics. Public Health. Analysis of Infectious Diseases.

   Dr. Adela S.M. LAU, BEng City; MSc HK; PhD CUHK

Big Data Analytics and Risk Management; Social Media Analytics and Intelligent Marketing; Business/Health Informatics; Knowledge Management and IS Adoption; E-business Strategies and Applications

   Dr. David LEE, BSc(ActuarSc), MPhil HK; PhD British Columbia; ASA

Copula modelling; extreme value theory; high-dimensional dependence structures; multivariate tail dependence

   Professor Stephen M.S. LEE, BA, PhD Cantab

Bootstrap; Resampling Methods; Statistical theory: Asymptotics and Applications

   Dr. Eric A.L. LI, BSc HK; MEcon, PhD Syd

Real option theory and applications; Resource economics; Quantitative trading; Quantum computing, blockchain and smart contracts

   Professor G.D. LI, BSc, MSc Peking; PhD HK

Time Series Analysis; Financial Econometrics; Quantile Regression; High Dimensional Data Analysis; Machine Learning

   Dr. Z.H. LIU, ScD Harvard

Statistical inference for massive data, Big Data Analytics, Causal Inference and Mediation Analysis, Mixed Models, Biostatistics

   Dr. C. WANG, PhD NUS

Random Matrix Theory; Time Series Analysis; High-Dimensional Data Analysis

   Dr. K.P. WAT, BSc(ActuarSc), PhD HK; SFHEA; FSA; FASHK; CERA; FRM

Actuarial Science; Financial Mathematics; Insurance Risk Models; Financial Risk Analysis; Enterprise Risk Management

   Dr. Jeff T.Y. WONG, BSc(ActuarSc), MPhil HK; PhD Waterloo; FSA

Insurance risk theory, ruin theory, stochastic process

   Dr. J.F. XU, BSc USTC; MPhil, PhD Columbia

Survival analysis; Nonparametric and Semiparametric Inference; High-dimensional data analysis

   Professor H.L. YANG, BSc Inner Mongolia; MMath Waterloo; PhD Alberta; ASA; HonFIA

Actuarial Science; Insurance Risk Models; Mathematical Finance

   Professor G.S. YIN, MA Temple; MSc N Carolina; PhD N Carolina

AI, Bayesian methods; Big data; Clinical trials; Deep learning; High-dimensional analysis; Machine learning; Survival analysis

   Dr. Lequan YU, BEng ZJU; PhD CUHK

Medical Image Analysis; Machine Learning; Computer Vision; AI in healthcare

   Professor K.C. YUEN, BSc, MSc, PhD Calgary; ASA

Insurance Risk Modelling; Financial Risk Analysis; Survival Analysis

   Dr. Dora Y. ZHANG, BSc Nankai; MSc, PhD NCSU

Big data analytics; Bayesian methods; Biostatistics; Statistical genetics; Bioinformatics; Public health and biomedical research

   Dr. Michael M.Y. ZHANG, BS UCSB; MS, PhD UT Austin

Machine learning, Bayesian non-parametrics, scalable inference.

   Dr. Z.Q. ZHANG, BSc Nankai; MSc E China Normal; PhD HK

Time Series Analysis; Extreme Value Theory; Insurance Risk Modelling; Machine Learning


Time Series Analysis; Econometrics; Causal Inference