HKU HKU Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Science, HKU

Academic and Research Staff

 Name  Chinese Name   Title Office  Email
 Prof. YIN, Guosheng    尹國聖    Head of Department,
   Patrick S C Poon Professor
   in Statistics and Actuarial Science
233  saas [AT]
 gyin [AT]
 Dr. LAM, Eddy K.F.    林國輝    Deputy Head of Department,
   Associate Professor
305  hrntlkf [AT]
 Dr. CHEUNG, K.C.    張家俊    Associate Professor 219  kccg [AT]
 Prof. FUNG, Wing K.    馮榮錦    Chair of Statistics 229  wingfung [AT]
 Prof. LEE, Stephen M.S.    李文昇    Professor 227  smslee [AT]
 Prof. LI, Guodong    李國棟    Professor 222  gdli [AT]
 Dr. LI, Wentao    李文濤    Assistant Professor 118  wentaoli [AT]
 Dr. LIU, Zhonghua    劉中華    Assistant Professor 225  zhhliu [AT]
 Dr. WANG, Chen    王晨    Assistant Professor 122  stacw [AT]
 Dr. WONG, Jeff T.Y.    黃峻儒    Research Assistant Professor 221  jefftywong [AT]
 Dr. XU, Jinfeng    徐錦峰    Associate Professor 228  xujf [AT]
 Prof. YANG, Hailiang    楊海亮    Professor 232  hlyang [AT]
 Prof. YAO, Jeff J.F.    姚建峰    Professor 220  jeffyao [AT]
 Dr. YU, Lequan    于樂全    Assistant Professor 226  lqyu [AT]
 Prof. YUEN, K.C.    袁錦泉    Professor 231  kcyuen [AT]
 Dr. ZHANG, Dora Y.    張彥    Assistant Professor 304  doraz [AT]
 Dr. ZHANG, Michael M.Y.    張旻翌    Assistant Professor 224  mzhang18 [AT]
 Dr. ZHU, Ke    朱柯    Assistant Professor 230  mazhuke [AT]
 Dr. BENCHIMOL, Andrés       Lecturer 120  benchi [AT]
 Dr. CHUNG, Y.K.    鍾玉嘉    Lecturer 121  yukchung [AT]
 Dr. KWAN, C.W.    關志威    Lecturer 236  cwkwan [AT]
 Dr. LAU, Adela S.M.    劉秀梅    Lecturer 237  adelalau [AT]
 Dr. LEE, David    李大為    Lecturer 120  leedav [AT]
 Dr. LI, Eric A.L.    李亞力    Lecturer 117  ericli11 [AT]
 Dr. WAT, K.P.    屈錦培    Lecturer 235  watkp [AT]
 Dr. WONG, Raymond W.L.    黃榮烈    Lecturer 117  rwong [AT]
 Dr. ZHANG, Zhiqiang    張志強    Lecturer 234  zhangz08 [AT]
 Dr. DU, Wenbin    杜文斌    Research Associate 202  wbdu [AT]
 Dr. FAN, Yiwei    范一葦    Postdoctoral Fellow 205  fanyiwei [AT]
 Dr. LIU, Wei    劉薇    Postdoctoral Fellow 201  liuweiv [AT]
 Dr. TIAN, Peng    田鵬    Postdoctoral Fellow 201  pengtian [AT]
 Dr. YUAN, Huiling    苑慧玲    Research Associate 202  huilyuan [AT]
 Dr. ZHANG, Xu    張旭    Research Associate 202  zhangx90 [AT]
 Mr. CHEUNG, Harrison Y.Y.    張如一    Teaching Assistant (FT) 234  hcheung4 [AT]