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Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, 50th Anniversary, 1967-2017 Originally established in 1967 as the Department of Statistics, the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, the University of Hong Kong plays the usual cross-Faculty role inherent in the nature of the subject and has representation on the Boards of four Faculties: Arts, Business & Economics, Science and Social Sciences. For purposes of planning and administration the Department is within the Faculty of Science. The Department serves the University and the discipline of Statistics and Actuarial Science through the interrelated functions of teaching, consultation and research. (See History)

In the eyes of the Hong Kong community, the Department is best known for its impressive records of admission to the programmes of BSc(ActuarSc), MStat and MDASC, and of student enrolment in its Decision Analytics Major, Risk Management Major and Statistics Major of the BSc degree. Underpinning this enduring dedication to teaching and learning is the Department’s international profile of scholarship in the foundation of subjects and well-recognized capability in quality frontier-research.

There are currently over 30 Ph.D. and M.Phil. students in the Department. The Departmental seminar programme is enlivened by many stopover and visiting statisticians and actuaries from all parts of the world. Relations with statistical colleagues in other universities in Hong Kong and with the Government Statistical Service are excellent. There is an active Hong Kong Statistical Society with a membership of about 300 statisticians of varied interests.



 Mission and Vision

The Department aims to become an international centre of excellence in research in Statistics and Actuarial Science, a premier department in providing up-to-date education in Statistics and Actuarial Science at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a key contact point for consultative advice by local, national and regional users of statistical methodologies.


 Research and Scholarship

The Department's international standing is shown in its record of high impact publications as well as external and internal awards. Research awards received by the Department members include two Silver Guy Medals of the Royal Statistical Society of the UK, one Krumbein Award from the International Association for Mathematical Geology, one Chinese National Natural Science Awards (sole winner of Class II in mathematics when no Class I Award was given in 2000), two Chinese Education Ministry Natural Science Awards (Class II), two Croucher Foundation senior Research Fellow awards in Hong Kong, one HKU Distinguished Research Achievement award, two HKU Outstanding Researcher Award, one HKU Outstanding Research Supervisor Award, one HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Award, and one HKU Research Output Prize.

Members of the Department have published more than fifteen books by reputable overseas publishers, including five by Chapman and Hall, two by Springer, two by John Wiley & Sons, two by Cambridge University Press, one by Oxford Science Publications, one by Imperial College Press, and four by World Scientific. As an indication of the extent of academic influence, one particular monograph has been referenced by research papers distributed in 150 international journals in diverse fields listed in ISI Science Web.




We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Applied Artificial Intelligence, which is an ELITE degree programme to be first offered by HKU in 2019. It is a completely NEW initiative jointly organised by the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Social Sciences and Architecture.

  1. Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Applied Artificial Intelligence

There are also two degree programmes, respectively leading to the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science). The Department also offers courses in other faculties to meet the requirements of different degrees.

  1. Bachelor of Science (Major in Decision Analytics)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Major in Risk Management)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Major in Statistics)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

In addition to the primary major for the BSc degree, students may take a second major or a minor to broaden their horizon outside their subject of specialization. Second majors and minors are available in both Science and non-Science disciplines. Students must meet certain minimum academic requirements to declare a second major. Some non-Science majors and minors may also require students to have achieved a minimum academic standard before they are allowed to enroll in them.


The Department presently offers one postgraduate programme - Master of Statistics and one joint postgraduate programme – Master of Data Science by coursework. The Department also has an active research post-graduate programme, with over 30 students registered for an M.Phil. or Ph.D.

  1. Master of Data Science
  2. Master of Statistics
  3. Research Postgraduate


The Department provides, within the constraints imposed by its manpower and teaching commitments, statistical and actuarial advice to anyone seeking it. The University and the Hong Kong environment offer an excellent opportunity for statisticians and actuaries interested in consultative work. Among typical recent areas of consultation have been financial and risk management problems for financial institutions, forensic investigations, environmental pollution, survey design, clinical trials, medical research and health risks to workers, etc. The non-standard situations encountered are an excellent source of problems for statistical and/or actuarial research. For its teaching duties, particularly in the supervision of projects in applied mathematical studies and for the Master's programme, the Department depends heavily on such consultative work as a source of real statistical/actuarial problems for use in data analysis.