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Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Science, HKU
BSc (Major in Statistics / Risk Management)
BSc (Major in Decision Analytics)
Research Postgraduate

Bachelor of Science (Major in Statistics / Risk Management) (BSc)

 Aims and Features

The world is rife with uncertainty. Decisions are often made in spite of incomplete data, imperfect knowledge and random variation. Statistics is the study of such variability and uncertainty by developing and applying analytic and quantitative tools which involve logical thinking, problem formulation, probability reasoning and intensive data analyses. Statistics appears in almost all areas of science, business, research, and wherever data are obtained for the purpose of finding information in support of decision making. Statistics has been described as the science of making conclusions in the presence of uncertainty.

Our programmes cater for students with good mathematics background and are designed to meet a steadily rising demand for specialist statisticians or risk analysts in government, industry, finance and in research and teaching in local and/or overseas institutions. Students interested in our programmes may take either Statistics or Risk Management as their major, and major or minor in a second subject. They may, in particular, minor in Actuarial Studies, which makes a good combination with their major discipline.

Given the expanding use of data in all realms of the society, we encourage students from all fields to consider pursuing either a major or minor in Statistics or Risk Management. We have students who are double majors in various fields of application, and minors from a wide range of departments across campus. A minor in Statistics or Risk Management can be an excellent complement to a degree in other fields.

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     Study Programme Total number of students in 2017-18
     6901 Bachelor of Science (Major in Statistics) 129
     6901 Bachelor of Science (Major in Risk Management) 153
Updated on NOV 6, 2017