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Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (BSc(ActuarSc))

SHU Tong (Lucien)
2020 BSc(ActuarSc) graduate

“The actuarial science program in HKU offered me nearly everything I can think of that is necessary and helpful for one to develop and pursue the profession of actuaries – courses closely tied to exam syllabi of actuarial associations, professional skill training sessions, collaboration with actuarial associations and market players, resources for job opportunities, etc. Through the 4-year study and experience, what I have amassed is not merely the theoretical actuarial knowledge and practical working experience, but the connection to the wider actuarial market and the passion to carry on the further pursuit of the actuarial profession.”

CHAN Wing Ho Ronald
2019 BSc(ActuarSc) graduate

"Being recognized by the Society of Actuaries, the programme is arguably the most prestigious actuarial programme offered in Asia. From what I have learnt and experienced throughout the 4 years of study, it is no exaggeration. It has extensive connections with business institutions from various fields for potential job opportunities. Most students graduate with at least an internship experience and several passed actuarial exams, which give us the edge in job applications and career progression. The programme has equipped me with the essential analytical skills and a wide exposure in actuarial, economic, financial and risk management fields to kickstart my career. The comprehensiveness and thoroughness are unmatched by other programmes in related fields. I am grateful for everything learnt here."


 Aims and Features

Actuarial Science is a separate discipline with its own area of knowledge requiring multidisciplinary knowledge in probability, statistics, economics, investment, finance, law, taxation and accounting. Based on the evaluation of the financial, economic and business implications of future contingent events, actuarial science proves to be very useful in the business world, including the insurance industry as well as the banking and finance fields.

The HKU Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (Programme Code: 6729) is the only programme in Hong Kong accredited by the UK’s Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. It provides formal academic training to students who wish to join the actuarial profession. The programme is designed to provide specialist training in actuarial science and prepare students for the professional examinations towards being qualified as an actuary with internationally-recognised qualifications. Students will learn to tackle different problems in actuarial science and related fields using effective quantitative methods, and become proficient in formulating and communicating practicable business strategies.

In addition, the HKU Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science has introduced the Internship Programme and Career Advising Programme to help students seize career opportunities readily. Students will gain insight into the challenging world and daily activities of an actuary while strengthening their technical, analytical and communication skills. Mentorship, company visits, career fair and other professional preparation activities are organised to further students’ learning beyond classrooms.

For more information, please read our Programme Brochure for 2024-25.

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     Study Programme Total number of students in 2022-23 (from year 1 to 6)
     6729 Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science 370
Updated on NOV 1, 2022

 What is so special about the HKU Actuarial Science programme?

  1. One of the Flagship Programmes in Hong Kong: Admitting top students through the JUPAS scheme each year, the programme is flexibly structured so that those who are more mathematical oriented can find sufficient interesting challenges while those who are more applied can receive a lot of exposures to the business and industry.
  2. Worldwide Recognition: The HKU Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science has the best and largest group of researchers in Actuarial Science in Asia, and has been designated as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries since December 2011. The designation is awarded to schools which demonstrate excellence in actuarial science through meeting strict criteria in quality of curriculum, number and quality of graduates, qualified faculty, strong ties to business, and beneficial research and scholarship.
  3. Accreditation: It has obtained accreditation from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), the UK's only chartered professional body dedicated to educating, developing and regulating actuaries based both in the UK and internationally. Students who graduate with a BSc(ActuarSc) degree from HKU with the required marks in specified subjects will be exempted from taking various IFoA subjects as they begin their journey towards qualifying as an actuary.
  4. Exemptions of Professional Exams: The programme has also obtained Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) approval from the Casualty Actuarial Society, the Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries in North America.
  5. Career Development: Job opportunities for actuaries are vast and available in a variety of industries. Financial institutions like insurance firms, investment banks, accounting firms, government/regulatory bodies, risk/asset/liability management consulting firms, even universities are hiring our Actuarial Science graduates.
  6. Strong Network: As the first programme of its kind in Hong Kong, it has built a large and active network of alumni in the industry. All major insurance companies and many well-known financial institutions in Hong Kong have our graduates, and many of them hold a senior manager or higher position.




Programme Brochure
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