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About VEE - Validation by Educational Experience


Students who have taken the approved courses at HKU (not by credit transfer) and received a grade of B- or above are eligible to apply for the corresponding VEE credits from the Society of Actuaries.

For details of VEE Course List of HKU, please visit here.

For details of VEE Directory of Approved Courses and Alternate Options, please visit here.

If original official transcript is required for applying VEE candidate credit, please apply for the University’s official transcript at the Academic Services Office. You can provide necessary details in the application form for direct mailing to a particular address.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Society of Actuaries has made changes to the VEE (and its FSA, ASA and CERA Curricula). The changes to the VEE requirements start July 1, 2018. Please visit here for the VEE requirements.