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 Everything you want to know about Data Science!

HKU is offering an university-wide course 【STAT1005 Essential skills for undergraduates: Foundations of Data Science 】. The teaching is designed at a level appropriate for all undergraduate students with various backgrounds and without pre-requisites to supplement their major study. Students will engage in a full data work-flow including collaborative data science projects. They will study a large spectrum of data science topics, from initial investigation and data acquisition to the communication of final results.

The course is open to all HKU junior undergraduate students (with restrictions applying to students with a major in the area of Statistics, Computer Science or Actuarial Science). Seats are limited! Enrol now!

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There is no better training than obtaining solid hands-on experience in the real workplace. Our Internship Programme serves precisely this purpose. As an intern, the student will gain insight into the challenging world and daily activities of an Actuary/Statistician while strengthening his/her technical, analytical and communication skills. Click HERE for more details.


 Career Advising Programme (CAP)

Specially tailored for Decision Analytics / Risk Management / Statistics (as first major), BASc(AppliedAI), BSc(Actuarial Science), Master of Data Science, Master of Statistics and the Department’s RPG students, the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science has introduced the Career Advising Programme (CAP) to help students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses in terms of interview/CV writing skills and better prepare students to seize career opportunities readily. Click HERE for more details.