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Bachelor of Science (Major in Risk Management) (BSc)

 Aims and Features

The Risk Management (Programme Code: 6901) curriculum aims to provide students with the skills and expertise to enable them to acquire the theory and methodology behind the scientific process of risk management, with application to actuarial science, finance and other areas of interest. It is designed to provide solid training in the concepts of the risk management process, statistical models and methods of risk management, and good risk management practice.

Core courses in the curriculum emphasise fundamental concepts and nature of risk assessment, risk management and governance from different standpoints while elective courses provide either training in specific Risk Management disciplines or an extension of knowledge aiming to give students more modeling, technical and analytical skills in risk management, including discrete-time models in finance, stochastic calculus with financial applications, and financial time series modeling.

Through participating in experiential learning activities including research-based projects, industrial internships and overseas exchanges, students could enhance their knowledge in risk management and exposure in managing risk in practice, and improve their thinking and communication skills.

The Major caters for students with good mathematics background and is designed to meet a steadily rising demand for risk analysts in government or private consulting firms, and business, finance, insurance, IT, marketing research industries. Meanwhile, Minor in Risk Management is an excellent complement to a degree in other fields.

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     Study Programme Total number of students in 2018-19 (from year 1 to 4)
     6901 Bachelor of Science (Major in Risk Management) 149
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