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Dear Alumni,

You are highly regarded and treasured as a former graduate of this Department, whether you had been an undergraduate or a graduate student.

The Department was founded in 1967 and through the years it has given birth to a large alumni family. We, at the department, are always very proud of your achievements and contributions in the Society and we would also like you to know more about the Department over the years. However, it is a tall order for us to keep track of the correspondence addresses of such a large alumni population. We are, therefore, inviting you to spend a couple of minutes in filling out the following information slip so that we can keep you informed of our activities and any news regarding the big family.

The information will be used solely by the University/the Department for its activities. We will send you an email to confirm the correctness of the information after you have updated your record.

Thank you for your time and support.

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Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

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Any enquiries, please contact Ms Irene Cheung
by email at or by phone at 3917-8312.

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