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RPG Awards

January 31, 2022 - RPG Research Award Workshop

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 RPG research awards

Award YearAwardee
2021-22 Excellent Research Awards
AuthorCo-AuthorsYearJournal/ ConferenceDetails
JIN HuaqingYIN Guosheng2021Statistics in MedicineUnit information prior for adaptive information borrowing from multiple historical datasets
LUO DonghangZHU Ke, GONG Huan and LI Dong2021Journal of Business & Economic StatisticsTesting Error Distribution by Kernelized Stein Discrepancy in Multivariate Time Series Models
QU YuankeLEE Chun Yin and LAM KF2021Statistical Methods in Medical ResearchA sequential test to compare the real-time fatality rates of a disease among multiple groups with an application to COVID-19 data
SU WenLIU Li, YIN Guosheng, ZHAO Xingqiu and ZHANG Ying2021BernoulliNonparametric Inference for Reversed Mean Models with Panel Count Data
YONG YaodiYANG Hailiang2021MathematicsValuation of Cliquet-Style Guarantees with Death Benefits in Jump Diffusion Models
YANG Hailiang2021Journal of Industrial and Management OptimizationValuation of cliquet-style guarantees with death benefits
ZHANG ChenyangJIN Huaqing, WEN Yi Feng and YIN Guosheng2021Frontiers in Public HealthEfficacy of COVID-19 Treatments: A Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
YIN Guosheng2021BiometricsBayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Restricted Mean Survival Time
2020-21 Excellent Research Awards
AuthorCo-AuthorsYearJournal/ ConferenceDetails
GU JiaqiYIN Guosheng2021ICML 2021Crystallization Learning with the Delaunay Triangulation
FAN Yiwei, and YIN Guosheng2021The American StatisticianReconstructing the Kaplan-Meier Estimator as an M-estimator
JIN HuaqingYIN Guosheng, YUAN Binhang and JIANG Fei2021TechnometricsBayesian Hierarchical Model for Change Point Detection in Multivariate Sequences
LI XiaolongSHI Yifan, YAM Phillip, YANG Hailang2021SIAM Journal on Scientific ComputingFourier-Cosine Method For Finite-Time Gerber-Shiu Functions
LIU ChenCUI Jinze, GAN Dailin and YIN Guosheng2021MICCAI 2021Beyond COVID-19 Diagnosis: Prognosis with Hierarchical Graph Representation Learning
XU SiqiFUNG Wing Kam and LIU Zhonghua2021Briefings in BioinformaticsMRCIP: A robust Mendelian randomization method accounting for correlated and idiosyncratic pleiotropy
YANG ZebinZHANG Aijun2021Journal of Machine Learning ReseachHyperparameter Optimization via Sequential Uniform Designs
ZHANG ChenyangYIN Guosheng2021BMC Medical Research Methodology Reduction in number to treat versus number needed to treat
ZHANG HengtaoYIN Guosheng2021Journal of the Royal Statistical SocietyResponse-adaptive Rerandomization

 RPG teaching awards

Award YearAwardee
2020-21 Best Teaching Assistant Award
  • XU Siqi

  • Excellent Teaching Assistant Awards
  • GU Jiaqi
  • GUO Yifeng
  • HUANG Feiqing
  • QU Yuanke
  • ZHANG Tiancheng
  • ZHOU Yunpeng
  • 2019-20 Best Teaching Assistant Award
  • LUO Donghang

  • Excellent Teaching Assistant Awards
  • SU Wen
  • XU Xiaoya
  • ZHOU Yunpeng
  • 2018-19 Best Teaching Assistant Award
  • QU Yuanke

  • Excellent Teaching Assistant Awards
  • CHEN Yongzhao
  • HUANG Feiqing
  • LUO Donghang
  • ZHAO Jingyu
  • ZHAO Na

     RPG Fellowships

    Award YearAward Name


    Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) by Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong
  • CAI Yuxi (PhD candidate)
  • LU Kexin (PhD candidate)
  • Note: From the 2020-21 exercise onwards (until further notice), all HKPF holders will be awarded the HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship.
  • ZHOU Yunpeng (PhD candidate)
  • JIN Huaqing (PhD candidate)
  • HUANG Feiqing (PhD candidate)

  • 2021
    HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship
  • ZHU Lingting (PhD candidate)

  • 2021
    University Postgraduate Fellowship
  • LI Xiang (PhD candidate)
  • YAO Minhao (PhD candidate)

     Other awards of RPG

    Award YearAward Name

    Hung Hing Ying Scholarship
  • JIN Huaqing (PhD candidate)

  • 2020
    DIA China Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • Dr. XIA Fan (PhD graduate, 2014)
  • Dr. Xia is currently the Head of Biostatistics at Zai Lab, a biopharmaceutical company listed on NASDAQ and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

    SCT Thomas Chalmers Student Scholarship by Society for Clinical Trials, US
  • Finalist: ZHANG Chenyang (PhD candidate)
  •       Topic of Paper: Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis for Restrict Mean Survival Time
  • Finalist: JIN Huaqing (PhD candidate)
  •       Topic of Paper: Bayesian Enhancement Two-Stage Design With Error Control for Phase II Clinical Trials