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 Student Testimonials

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"Over the past 2 years, the MStat program brought me a fruitful experience. Not only I learnt a lot about advanced data analytics techniques, but also got a lot of hands-on experience in applying them to practical problems. It also opens my mind about the range of application of statistics and data analytics in different fields. Moreover, the program provides me with the opportunity to meet with people from different backgrounds and we shared experience with each other. I am an actuary and there is an increasing focus on predictive analytics in my current field, hence the program gives me sound foundation to explore how to apply the techniques learnt to discover predictive patterns and relationships for business uses."

WONG Cheuk Yin [MStat Part-time Graduate 2018]
Senior Actuarial Consultant, HSBC Insurance (Asia) Ltd

"The MStat program gives opportunities for students to decide their paths. For those who would like to go into research areas, capstone and other advanced courses will fit you. For those who want to start their career ASAP like me, you can complete an internship instead of doing academic projects. The professors and lecturers are also very helpful."

LI Yi [MStat Full-time Graduate 2018]
Associate in Consulting, PwC

"My year of being in the MStat programme was definitely a fruitful year, and one that I will cherish. It was one full of discoveries and excitement, in which I had the opportunity to explore and learn more about statistical knowledge, and how it could possibly connect to the real world. It even helped me understand the beauty of statistics, hence bringing me a lot of joy. The programme has also proven to be beneficial in my work as a football trader in the Hong Kong Jockey Club, as it has equipped me with the knowledge and techniques needed. For instance, in the football field, every little move that a player makes could be used as a statistic, hence involving math. Thus, the MStat programme has been very useful in helping me analyze and comprehend such information. All in all, I am very thankful for the programme as it was very helpful and has allowed me to do my best in the workplace."

KEUNG Ka Chun [MStat Full-time Graduate 2018]
Football trader, Hong Kong Jockey Club

"The MStat programme has widened my horizon and completely redirected my career path. The program supports our study with diverse courses not only traditional statistical topic, financial applications but also statistical learning such as data mining and computational statistics. More importantly, the professors are always helpful in answering students’ questions with regard to academic study and career development. After communicating with several professors, I got a chance to work as a student research assistant on medical image analysis and that is the start of my current career path. In short, students can gain far more than you expect here no matter on professional skills or on personal development, as long as they are willing to explore."

WU Xinheng [MStat Full-time Graduate 2018]
PhD in Engineering and IT, The University of Sydney

"The one-year Master of Statistics study would become one of the most glorious and memorable experiences in my student life. In fact, the MStat programme acts as a springboard to success. The diversified and selective courses offered contain not only academic knowledge but also practical applications which can used at workplace, together with responsible and enthusiastic lecturers and tutors assisting in solving difficulties in study. During this year, fortunately, I received recognitions from a professor in this department and obtained the PhD offer for further academic career whereas many of my friends gained internship and jobs during campus recruitment.

The access to the best professors and lecturers on the earth, and the opportunities of internships in world-famous companies would hardly be available outside this programme. Without exaggeration, the one-year experience in HKU would substantially boost your performances in future life."

ZHANG Chenyang [MStat Full-time Graduate 2018]
PhD in Statistics, The University of Hong Kong