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Master of Statistics

 Student Testimonials

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"MStat is an one-year program, which means that a lot of things need to be done in a short time, and that you have to balance the school work, internship and personal life. That’s how I learn about time management, an important skill in future career. Also, we are offered a career preparation course consisting of several workshops and mock interviews. These are very practical, and helped me a lot in my job application. What’s more, the coursework does get me to apply the knowledge in real life cases, not limited to books. And the most important thing is, HKU offers all students a great platform to know people with different background, an opportunity to work in the whole new environment."

CHEN Yahui [MStat Full-time Graduate 2019]
Pricing Assistant, China Taiping Insurance (HK) Co Ltd

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student in MStat program. During my time here, apart from theory, I was able to develop many skills which have proven to be vital to me and my career going forward. These include skills such as problem solving skills, advanced data analytics techniques, and also soft-skills like job-hunting skills. Currently I am working as a data analyst at EY, where I use the tools I have learned during my education to identify fraud and propose business strategy to client. Working as a data analyst is exciting, each day brings new challenges."

WU Qiaoyin [MStat Full-time Graduate 2019]
Staff Accountant, Data Analytics, Ernst & Young

"MStat Programme provides an excellent path to students from non-statistical backgrounds, like myself, to acquire the most key data analytics knowledge. Programme coverage is indeed comprehensive, covering every aspect from theoretical background to practical application. All these have been very relevant and applicable to my daily role as a quantitative strategist. The Programme provides us with abundant opportunities to solidify our learning of both statistical theories and programming languages (e.g. Python and R) through collaborative projects with classmates from wide range of professions. All these have definitely sharpened our techniques to cope with hands-on problems – an essential lifelong learning skill. I highly recommend MStat Programme to prospective students who are eager to gain exposure to the field of data science."

HO Chun To [MStat Part-time Graduate 2019]
Quantitative Strategist, Asia Quantitative Equity Research, Morgan Stanley

"The master of statistics of the University of Hong Kong is well designed for students to join industries with advanced statistical skills. The diversity and deepness of the courses are suitable for both professionals to polish their quantitative skills and graduates to pursue further study. It offers me great exposure in statistical analysis, mathematics, programming and data analytics, which are essential skills valued by international companies. It is also a challenging and up-to-date program led by the state-of-the-art professors and researchers. Throughout the program, I was given a lot of support from the department, both academically and financially, to pursue my next career goal."

WEI Conghui [MStat Part-time Graduate 2019]
Regulatory Reporting Manager, OCBC Wing Hang Bank