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 Student Testimonials

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"The MStat program was a very great experience for me from everyone that I have met including great professors, lecturers, and all the classmates. The program itself has offered quite a variety of areas and topics that one can further delve into including traditional statistics, statistical learning (including data mining and big data), biostatistics, algorithm trading etc. It has stimulated me to study more in depth in quite a number of areas that involved statistics. Most important of all, the professors have taught us to focus back to the basics, the data, the domain knowledge, as well as different possibilities of statistical tools when dealing with a program. With the higher importance of extracting meanings and pattern from enormous amount of data, this program can definitely be the place to start exploring this area and it will be a great and unforgettable experience."

Ronnie CHAN [MStat Part-time Graduate 2017]
Assistant Director, Equity Research, Cash Equity, Haitong International Securities Group Limited

"The Master of Statistics of the University of Hong Kong enables students to acquire both a solid understanding of statistical theory and extensive knowledge about its state-of-the-art applications. Thanks to the variety of the courses offered in this programme, I could learn more about new areas in statistics, data analytics and risk management. What I liked most during my MStat studies was their friendly professors and staff who taught me very valuable lessons about statistics and life. Overall, the MStat programme is a truly enriching experience which will help students get one step closer to their career goals."

Alejandro COBO PIEKENBROCK [MStat Full-time Graduate 2017]
Analyst in Finance Division, Morgan Stanley Asia International Limited

"In the past year in MStat, I met a lot of friends with different backgrounds, but with a similar characteristic: being interested in data. The program provides many options which helped us choose our career paths in the future. For students who follow data analytics theme, students could learn more about computational statistics, biostatistics and data mining. For students who choose risk management theme, they would have the skills to analyse financial data and apply statistical methods in the fields of economics and finance. The group project for capstone can also train our cooperation and time planning, as well as improve our skills of presentation and report writing. In short, as long as you are willing to learn, you will find the value of MStat."

WANG Qian [MStat Full-time Graduate 2017]
Associate in Risk Consulting, PwC