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"MStat program offers a wide variety of statistical course for students to choose, from conventional statistical inference and modelling to more heated topics such as data mining and blockchain analysis. The data mining and big data analytics courses I took were not only inspirational from the theoretical perspective, but also helpful by offering hands-on experience useful for my everyday work as an actuary. With the adoption of new accounting standards in the industry, revamp of existing data structure and models is essential. The techniques and mindset of big data analytics learnt from the program can certainly be put to good use. The program serves as a great opportunity for students to develop the necessary skills under the big data era."

CHAN Wing Ho Ronald [MStat Part-time Graduate 2022]
Senior Actuarial Analyst, Hong Kong Life Insurance Limited

"I think the MStat program is an excellent opportunity for students to realize their goals. The MStat program provides a variety of selective courses, which combine the academic knowledge and practical applications very well, so students can gain plenty of advanced statistical theories as well as understand the applications of these knowledge in real life. During my one year study, I really enjoyed the academic atmosphere here, all professors are willing to help me with my academic research. So I decide to become a PhD student here. Thanks to the MStat program, it improved my academic performance and I finally received the PhD offer of statistics in HKU."

LIU Ruihan [MStat Full-time Graduate 2022]
PhD in statistics, The University of Hong Kong

"I am now working as a consultant under Financial Risk Management (FRM) department at KPMG. I think the programme has been a very challenging and rewarding learning experience for me. The courses structures are designed rigorous and also fitted for students who have various backgrounds and career goals. The courses which are more practical such as Programming for Data Science, Financial Data Analytics etc. are useful for industry practice and I found the knowledge and skills learned from those courses are useful for my job. And for those more theoretical courses they may be useful for students who want to pursue a PhD degree in the future. I believe that students with different career goals would learn what they want to learn in this programme. Moreover, although almost half of time of the courses were transited to online mode due to COVID, the instructors were very responsible and knowledgeable and responded to my questions promptly as well as clearly. To sum up, the MStat programme has provided me the opportunity to fulfil my career aspirations and dreams. I am very thankful for the relationships I built and the people I met at the Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science in HKU."

LI Xinman [MStat Full-time Graduate 2022]
Consultant (Financial Risk Management), KPMG International Limited