HKU HKU Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Science, HKU

Master of Statistics (2019 Admission)

 Programme Structure

Commencing in September, the curriculum is composed of a total of 60 credits of courses in either one year for full-time study, or two years for part-time study. The programme offers great flexibilities for students who wish to take a general approach or a specialised theme in Risk Management or Data Analytics. A student may choose to have his/her theme printed on the transcript if he/she has satisfied the requirement of one of the themes. If a student selects an MStat course whose contents are similar to a course (or courses) which he/she has taken in his/her previous study, the Department may not approve the selection in question.

 Programme Duration and Class Schedules

The programme extends over not less than one academic year for the full-time study, and not less than two academic years for the part-time study. Teaching will take place mostly on weekday evenings (7:00 íV 10:00 p.m.), and occasionally in day-time from Monday to Saturday. All lectures are conducted in English at HKU.

 Optional Summer Courses

  • A 12-hour preparatory course in matrices and calculus for part-time students who need to rejuvenate their skills (August, 2019).
  • A 6-hour introductory course to the use of the language R for data analysis and graphics (August, 2019).
  • A 12-hour tutorial in SAS for all the students who need to rejuvenate their skills in data management using SAS (August, 2019).