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SOA - University-Earned Credit (UEC) Program


The University‐Earned Credit (UEC) program of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) allows university students to become eligible for SOA exam credit by attaining a designated UEC mark on university courses at approved Centers of Actuarial Excellence (CAE).

The University of Hong Kong (HKU), as one of the CAE designated by SOA, obtained the UEC status approved by the SOA in July 2022, as one of the 13 inaugural UEC participants (link). Students who have taken the approved courses at HKU (not by credit transfer) and received a UEC mark of 60% or above are eligible to apply for the corresponding UEC from the SOA for exam exemption.

The UEC mark of a student taking an approved HKU course refers to Final Exam mark of that course.

The related SOA exams and the corresponding approved HKU course(s) are listed as follows:

  • Exam FM – STAT2902
  • Exam SRM – STAT3907, STAT4904
  • *Exam FAM-L – STAT3901
  • Exam ASTAM – STAT3908, STAT4903
  • *Exams FAM-S & ASTAM Sequence – STAT3906, STAT3908, STAT4903

*Transition (link) until July 2024. For more details, read this file (link).

Note: Exam P is not eligible for UEC.

  • If more than one university course is required for an exam, the student must:
    • meet or exceed the UEC mark in all courses within a two‐year period.
    • meet or exceed the UEC mark in all courses at the same CAE university.

  • If the university allows students to repeat a course to earn a higher grade, i.e. when they fail a course, the student may use the second attempt for UEC purposes.
  • The student must submit a UEC Candidate Application and pay the required fee within two years of the end of the term in which the last course required for that exam was completed.
  • Candidates will pay the full exam fee (less any student discount) at the rate that is in effect at the time the UEC Candidate Application is submitted.

Students who are qualified for UEC for each HKU course will be notified with their eligibility after the grade release each semester.


Updated on September 16, 2022.