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APAI4766 Applied AI Internship (6 credits)

This course is offered to students majoring in Applied Artificial Intelligence who take on a minimum of 160 hours of internship work related to their major disciplines. It provides students with first-hand experience in the applications of academic knowledge in a real-life work environment. (Online Syllabus from Faculty of Science)

To be eligible for enrolling in APAI4766, students should do the following / meet the requirements below BEFORE the commencement of the internship.

  • Apply for leave of absence (to the Faculty), if necessary, and enrolment in APAI4766 (to the Department) before the start date of the internship. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

  • Pass at least 4 advanced courses including COMP3340 Applied Deep Learning, MATH3904 Introduction to Optimization, STAT3612 Statistical Machine Learning before the commencement of the internship.

  • Normally the internship should start no earlier than your year 3 study.

Note: This capstone course is offered to Applied Artificial Intelligence students only.


Enrolment Procedure

Step 1: Find internship

  • Students should be undertaking an applied artificial intelligence related internship of no less than 160 hours (lunch hour excluded) in at least 20 working days.
  • Students may seek the internship themselves or via the Department's Internship / Job Online-Application System.


Step 2: Apply and register after you have secured an internship offer

  • If UG students receive full-time internship offers, they MUST apply for leave of absence to the Faculty of Science. Science students should submit leave of absence application together with a copy of employment contract via Science Online Application Submission System (OASS) ( If the contract and relevant documents are not ready yet, students should inform the Faculty about their intention of applying for leave at the earliest opportunity. Late applications may result in still having to pay the composition fees for the semester covered by the leave of absence period.

  • Please bear in mind that the registration of this course is done via paper form1. Interested students should first complete the registration form and send it to Mr. K.L. Ng at with a copy of your internship appointment letter, contract or any other evidence of employment before the start date of your internship. Late applications will NOT be accepted.


Step 3: Receive confirmation

    You will receive a (conditional) confirmation email, if applicable, which is based on the assumption that you have already fulfilled the enrolment requirements, including but not limited to the course pre-requisites. Please note that the contrary will render the application unsuccessful or have the confirmation revoked. The email should contain the registration result and if applicable, exact timeline of document submission.

Note 1: Please use the Registration Form from our Department instead of the form S29/821 from the Faculty. After submitting the registration form, students will NOT be allowed to withdraw the enrolment, if successful, of this course under normal circumstances and should complete the internship. Failure to complete the internship or fulfill the internship course requirements, including the aforesaid duration requirement, may be given a "Fail" grade in the course.



Assessment of this course is on a Pass or Fail basis (Students demonstrating excellent performance would be awarded a grade of Distinction). Besides the three required forms - Progress Report Form, Employer's Evaluation Form and Student Feedback Form, students would be assessed based on their (1) 1500-word written report on their internship experience; (2) oral presentation; and (3) participation in the Q&A session.

Upon successful application, students should submit the following documents according to the timeline2 stated in the confirmation email. Students should also collect information during the internship, if necessary, for completing certain required work, e.g. written report.

  1. Progress Report Form
  2. Please submit one soft copy within two weeks from the job start date.

  3. Employer's Evaluation Form
  4. Please invite your employer to return the Employer's Evaluation Form directly to the Department by the end of your internship or submission deadline, whichever is earlier (details refer to the table below). Students should NOT submit the form on behalf of employers/supervisors.

  5. Student Feedback Form
  6. Please submit one soft copy by the end of your internship or submission deadline, whichever is earlier (details refer to the table below).

  7. 1,500-word Written Report3 and 25-min Oral Presentation (20-min presentation plus 5-min Q&A session)
  8. Submission / delivery date: November to December (Semester 1) / April to May (Semester 2) / August (Summer Semester) of the semester in which the student completed the internship (exact date TBC). Students will be notified by email of the details afterwards.

Note 2: Students may be penalised or receive no marks for any late submission.
Note 3: Please refer to the guidelines on the written report.


Additional Information

Course Registration

Internship PeriodDeadline for Course Registration
1st semester of 2023-24
(September - December 2023)
Before the job start date and by November 3, 2023, whichever is earlier
2nd semester of 2023-24
(January - May 2024)
Before the job start date and by April 5, 2024, whichever is earlier
Summer semester of 2023-24
(June - August 2024)
Before the job start date and by July 5, 2024, whichever is earlier

Course Timeline

The actual semester of enrollment of APAI4766Due date of Progress Report FormDue date of Employer's Evaluation Form and Student Feedback FormDue Date of Written ReportOral Presentation
1st semester of
Within the second week of the job start date By the end of your internship or
November 17, 2023 (Friday),
whichever is earlier
November 17, 2023 (Friday) Revision week of 1st semester
- tentative
2nd semester of
Within the second week of the job start date By the end of your internship or
April 19, 2024 (Friday),
whichever is earlier
April 19, 2024 (Friday) Revision week of 2nd semester
- tentative
Summer semester of
Within the second week of the job start date By the end of your internship or
August 2, 2024 (Friday),
whichever is earlier
August 2, 2024 (Friday) The week of August 12-23, 2024
- tentative

There would be no late course registration.

If you are approved to take APAI4766 with an internship across two consecutive semesters, your oral presentation and grading shall be conducted in the semester during which the internship is going to end, instead of the semester during which you apply for the course. Nevertheless, please be reminded that Employer's Evaluation Form should be sent to the Department by the end date of your appointment period despite the scheduled timeline above.

If you want to fulfil the capstone requirement without doing an internship, you can also consider enrolling in APAI3799 Directed studies in Applied AI or APAI4798 Applied AI project.

Meanwhile, although some students are not eligible to enrol in APAI4766, they are still eligible to apply for leave of absence for undertaking the internship.

For the Faculty's Guidelines on Internship, please visit here.



Please note that different forms may have different requirements, e.g. submission method, etc. Please complete and submit the forms according to the instructions as prescribed in each individual form.

  • Registration Form
  • Progress Report Form
  • Employer's Evaluation Form
  • Student Feedback Form

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Internship Courses

    Regarding the details of the internship courses (e.g., registration, enrollment and assessment), please visit the FAQ page.



    Course Coordinator:

    Dr. Eric A.L. Li
    Tel: (852) 3917 8142

    For enquiry on application status and work submission:

    Mr. K.L. Ng
    Tel: (852) 3917 8147
    Fax: (852) 2858 9041

    * The above may be subject to changes.


    Updated on February 20, 2024.