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STAT8002 Project (6 credits, Full Year of 2022-23)

This course is designed for students of the Master of Statistics Programme only. Students enrolled in STAT8002 Project are expected to work on a self-proposed project or an existing project in any branch of statistics or probability. Students would work on the project under the supervision of individual staff member. STAT8002 is a year-long course commencing in Semester 1 of each academic year, and is NOT available to first-year part-time students.

 Enrolment Procedures

  1. Students should seek their supervisors themselves as soon as possible. The supervisor must be full-time teaching staff of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science.
  2. Students could either propose a topic of interest, or participate in existing projects of respective Department staff member. Please refer to the project titles available this year here. Students who wish to participate in existing projects should also seek the approval of the teaching staff concerned for supervision.
  3. Students have to complete a registration form (download link below) on or before the deadline of application to enroll in STAT8002. Please note that applications will not be accepted if the registration form is not endorsed by a supervisor.
  4. Students should enroll in STAT8002 in HKU Portal on the same day of the submission of their application form. Applications from students who fail to do so may be rejected.

Please note that supervisors have the right to discontinue the project should the project students' performance be considered unsatisfactory. The students concerned may receive a "fail" grade for the course.

The deadline of application is the end of the add-drop period of Semester 1. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Please note that STAT8002 and STAT8089 are mutually exclusive. Students are allowed to take either STAT8002 or STAT8089, but not both.



Students enrolled in the course should submit 1) a written report of at least 10,000 words and 2) conduct a 20-minute oral presentation (plus 5-10 minutes Q&A). The submission deadline of the written report normally would be in the last week of April, while the oral presentation would be held in early May. Students who fail to submit assessments punctually would receive a "fail" grade for the course. The exact schedule of submission will be announced later to students enrolled in the course.


 Additional Information and Reminder

Please be reminded that the ultimate responsibility of ensuring the course requirements as well as graduation requirements fulfilled should rest with students.

Students should take initiative to communicate/meet with their supervisors from time to time to update their supervisors the progress of their projects.


 Form(s) for Download


 For Enquiry

Course coordinator:

Dr. Z.Q. Zhang
Tel: (852) 3917 8141

General office:

Ms. Clara Lian
Tel: (852) 3917 6042