News & Events

December 5, 2023Integrating AI, Data Science, IoT and Metaverse for Integrated STEAM Education and Meta-Commerce
May, 2023HKU Bulletin: Connecting through Campusland
December 1, 2022Metaverse in Education
November 12, 2022The STEAM Education: Mixed Reality in Metaverse Workshop for Junior Scientist Institution 2022
November 6, 2022港大團隊研辨表情AI 偵虐兒偵拔喉偵面試表現
November 5, 2022【商業電台雷霆881 與時並進】港大首設全港第一個AI元宇宙校園,打破網上教學界限回應STEAM人才培育!
October 20, 2022港大元宇宙校園開放試用創先河
October 20, 2022Marvion unveiling HKU CampusLand - a joint metaverse initiative with Marvel Digital AI and the University of Hong Kong
February 25, 2022Certificate for Module (AI Robotics and Vision Programming) collaborated with HKUSAPCE
January 28, 2022Annual Report of HKU SAAS Data Science Lab 2021
December 30, 2021Winning team of the 2021 AI robotics vision and automation technology challenges competition
November 26, 2021Using a Novel Logic Gate with EfficientNets to Solve Fine-Grained Problem of Object Identification and Classification with Marvel Digital AI Limited (Consultancy Output)
October 29, 2021JSI0094 Introductory of Virtual Intelligent Robots I (Knowledge Exchange - AI in STEM Education)
September 24, 2021Smart Home/Elderly/Child Safety Monitoring System (AI Tools by HKU SAAS Data Science Lab)
August 27, 2021AI-based Video Analytics for Monitoring Patient Risk: Using YoLov5 for Motion Detection with Healthcare Expert in QMH (AI Tools by HKU SAAS Data Science Lab and UG Students)
August 27, 2021COVID-19 Data Visualisation Dashboard for Epidemic Monitoring (AI Tools by HKU SAAS Data Science Lab and UG Students)
July 30, 2021New StartUp Collaboration for Innovative Entrepreneurship - Mach Innovation Ltd
June 25, 2021HKU SAAS Data Science Lab Internships by HKU SAAS Data Science Lab
May 28, 2021HKU SAAS Data Science Lab Internships with Mach Innovation Ltd/DS Lab
April 30, 2021Workshop for STEM Education: AI in Robot Automation and Vision for AI
March 26, 2021Using Three-Layer Detector for Seal Recognition and Verification with PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong (Applied Research: AI in Business/FinTech)
February 26, 2021Call for AI Robotics Vision and Automation Technology Challenges Competition 2021
January 29, 2021The Next Evolution of Technology “AI Robotics Vision and Automation”: From Applied-Education, Academic-Research to Industrial Applications
January 6, 2020量子計算和加密學攜手合作
August 29, 2019委內瑞拉搵加密幣打救
July 18, 2019量子計算有何妙用?
May 31, 2019誰是區塊鏈強盜
January 11, 2019從公鑰加密學談到支付寶
July 26, 2018區塊鏈解密:應用和構建
June 28, 2018機器學習牛刀小試 預測恒指升跌
June 14, 2018機器學習預測後市走向
March 23, 2017斐波納契回撤的交易策略
December 29, 2016美國大選日即市炒賣實錄
December 17, 2016波動市有利即日鮮炒賣
September 9, 2016盡信統計不如無統計