According to the Government’s Policy Address, new information and communications technology infrastructure is an indispensable part of smart city development. Besides reforming its cloud infrastructure by 2020, the Government will also develop a platform operating big data analytics and artificial intelligence application to enhance e-Government services. The Government will also earmark HK$10 billion to support the establishment of two research clusters, one on healthcare technologies and one on artificial intelligence and robotics technologies. Such clusters will pool and nurture more technology talent in Hong Kong by inviting the world's top scientific research institutions and technology enterprises to conduct midstream and downstream R&D projects in collaboration with local universities and scientific research institutions.

Stemming from this growth in artificial intelligence technology is an increasing demand for individuals who can create AI systems embedded in practical settings that function alongside and in conjunction with human beings. The BASc(AppliedAI) programme is ideal for students whose interest in artificial intelligence straddles the disciplinary divide between computer science, mathematics and statistics. These students will be better prepared for the uncertainties and complexities of future careers in the 2020s and for applications of intellectual tools to find solutions to future problems, big or small, that we will all face.