The new Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Applied Artificial Intelligence degree emphasises the intellectual underpinning of AI applications in diverse areas, with a philosophical and ethical dimension. It aims to give students both fundamental and practical knowledge in the design and construction of intelligent systems so that they can apply their skills in a variety of career settings.

Supported by a wide range of courses in computer science, geography, mathematics, psychology, statistics, and urban studies, which emphasise problem-based learning, the programme features five concentrations:

  • AI technology
  • AI in business and finance
  • AI in medicine
  • AI in smart city
  • AI in neurocognitive science
  • Students will learn to transfer interdisciplinary scientific knowledge into a wide range of integrated applications and technological innovations to develop the intellectual capacity essential for meeting new challenges and resolving new problems in the future.

    Upon graduation, students will be exceptionally well-equipped to create artificial intelligence products with transformational impacts in different industries. Students will be able to acquire a competitive advantage in becoming vital assets of any organisations which need to formulate intelligent strategies.

    Unique Programme Features:

  • New option for elite students: Provides formal academic training to elite students who wish to join the AI profession, in addition to the newly-designed BASc Common Courses "Horizontals"
  • Interdisciplinary training: Facilitates a coordinated approach to teaching and learning across different disciplines with combined efforts of the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Social Sciences and Architecture
  • Highlights AI applications in diverse areas: Equips students with the intellectual capacity essential to meeting new challenges through problem-based learning
  • Career prospects: Connects the exploding demand of the AI market in different areas and provides students with internship and mentorship experiences