Local students who wish to APPLY for the BASc(AppliedAI) programme (Code: 6224) via JUPAS should meet the minimum level required as follows:

    English Language: 4 Note
    Chinese Language: 3
    Mathematics: 4
    Liberal Studies: 2
    One Elective Subject: 3
    M1/M2: 4

The programme will consider admission based on the best 5 subjects in HKDSE among Category A, including English Language, Mathematics and Extended Modules 1 or 2 in Mathematics (M1/M2), plus the best two among the remaining Category A subjects.

Heavier weighting will be given to the following HKDSE subjects:

  • English Language, Mathematics, and M1/M2: each subject will be given a weighting of 2
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Integrated Science and Information and Communication Technology: each subject will be given a weighting of 1.5
  • 2021 Admissions scores - best 5 with M1/M2 (for reference)

  • HKDSE: 29 - 41
  • HKDSE ‘level to score’ conversion


    Note: Candidates with level 4 in English Language, if admitted, will be required to take 6 additional credits in Core University English to complete their degree studies.

    For international and non-JUPAS applicants, admission will be based on the Admissions Standards and individual merit.

    Number of First-year Places: 15

  • Admissions Information from Previous Years