Student Testimonials

Graduation Year: [ALL] [2022] [2021]

"I am very thankful to have taken the MDASC programme and met so many supportive and knowledgeable professors. The program is comprehensive and covers the complete data science lifecycle. The courses did not only include theories, but also plenty of practices such as group projects and hands-on workshops. The programme equipped me with all the skillsets I needed to be a professional data scientist. I am now working in the Football Trading Department of HKJC and the lessons I learnt from the Master programme unquestionably facilitate my research and allow me to further enhance my models."

WONG Ho Yeung [MDASC Part-time Graduate 2022]
Senior Data Scientist (Sports Wagering), The Hong Kong Jockey Club


"Participating in the MDASC program means a lot to me. It not only has courses in computer science, but also covers the subject of statistics. It made me realize the importance of data in my daily work and life. As a computer vision algorithm engineer, I deeply feel that data closed-loop has now become a key link in machine learning. The program equips me with basic skills in data mining and analysis, and helps me to better advance on the path of algorithm engineer. In addition, the MDASC program also provides a wealth of courses for students with different career paths to choose from, such as finance, data science, and cloud computing. I believe that every student who wants to understand what data science is and hope to develop in this area is suitable for joining this program."

CHEN Da [MDASC Full-time Graduate 2022]
Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer, Horizon Robotics


"The MDASC programme is both academically challenging and commercially relevant allowing me to enhance my skills, experience and knowledge in various areas of data science. The learning experience through the MDASC is unparalleled. Not only do I learn from top professors in their fields, but also from talented and experienced classmates who come from different industries.

Specifically, the Data Science Project provides an excellent opportunity for the students to explore deeply in an interested field of data science and artificial intelligence or even commercialize their ideas. With the department’s tremendous support and the programme’s professional training, I have equipped with the knowledge, confidence and connections to start an artificial intelligence startup after graduation.

No matter where you come from or what you are looking for, I believe the MDASC programme will definitely open the door for a new career path for you in the future."

CHEUNG Ngai Yin [MDASC Part-time Graduate 2022]
Co-Founder, Mach Innovation