Student Testimonials

Graduation Year: [ALL] [2023] [2022] [2021]

"As a trader in financial industry, I need to deeply interact with data in my daily tasks. The MDASC program provides a comprehensive and flexible curriculum, which benefits me a lot in many aspects. Data visualization helps me to extract key insights from millions of financial data more simply and clearly. Machine learning enables me to explore automated algorithm trading techniques. Statistical inference and models give me the ability to capture hidden trading opportunities from data. Furthermore, after taking this program, I can have more technically understanding of real-world applications like AlphaZero and ChatGPT. I believe this program will be beneficial to not only students with interests in IT, but also students who want to engage in financial and business industries."

LUO Yuxin [MDASC Part-time Graduate 2023]
Trader, Credit Suisse


"What first attracted me to the MDASC programme, was its interdisciplinary approach to analysing data and the focus on applying such findings to solving real life problems. The programme courses touched upon many latest technologies used in data analysis and offered in-depth discussions in many statistical techniques. Furthermore, the course assignments were all very hands-on, equipping students with the ability to apply their knowledge in practical settings. The programme has benefitted my career as it allows me to discover hidden trends & patterns in data and helps me become someone that can transform data into actionable insights.

Regardless of what your career role may be, I’m sure the knowledge you gain from this programme will come into good use, as data has become such an integral part of our life."

WONG Stephanie [MDASC Part-time Graduate 2023]
Deputy Manager, Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd