Job Prospect

With the comprehensive curriculum and professional guidance, graduates of MDASC would master the essential skills to perform tasks as a Data Scientist or related positions upon graduation. They would therefore be of huge demand by employers across public and private sectors. Evidences include:

    "A promising employment outlook and lucrative opportunities land the up-and-coming profession Data Scientists at No.1 in its second year appearing on the Jobs Rated report."

    "The high demand for data scientists and statisticians comes from a growing emphasis on collecting and evaluating massive quantities of data. The opportunities for professionals trained in these fields are tremendous, as the IT sector, healthcare, business - and any sector that collects consumer information can put these numbers to use.

    Data science is a relatively new field, which promises to revolutionize industries from business to government, health care to academia. A growing number of universities offer data science degree programs.

    The new field of data science has company near the top of the 2016 Best Jobs report. Information Security Analyst, another newly added career to the report, ranks No. 3. With an increasing number of data breaches and hacking attempts affecting companies and governments around the globe, there's a greater need to for information security analysts to keep personal and top-secret information safe from cyber-attacks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends a Bachelor's degree, if not a postgraduate MBA, for those interested in this burgeoning profession."

    - Extract from the 2016 annual jobs related report from


    According to recruitment and HR firm Randstad*, data scientist and in particular data analysts are among the top 10 most in-demand tech jobs in Hong Kong. Fintech, IT solutions providers, retailers, telecoms companies and those in the commercial space have high demand for these talents.