HKU Master of Data Science

In the era of big data, colossal amount of data is being generated every day from channels including social media, consumer profile, global economy, etc. These complications of data require us not only to describe and understand the information, but more importantly, to reveal crucial information to facilitate the best course of action. While traditional data processing application software is incapacitated, the emergence of HKU Master of Data Science opens up a new frontier of high-performance analytics in this era of big data.

Data Science is an independent discipline using scientific methods, processes and systems within the broad areas of statistics, computer science, information science and mathematics. It aims to examine, translate and classify data, uncover hidden patterns and unknown correlations, and, most importantly, pinpoint precisely the most critical areas and the implications behind.

In other words, Data Science helps us decipher the data and extract valuable information that can be used as a strategic part of critical decision-making. It is therefore no surprise that Data Scientists are of huge demand by employers all over the world.

As an international premier centre par excellence, HKU always strives to provide students with a state-of-the-art education. The launch of Master of Data Science (MDASC) provides students with the chance to acquire the quantitative and analytical skills much needed to stay ahead of the game.