The University of Hong Kong The 16th International congress on Insurance: Mathematics & Economics - 2012  
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  Weather Warning Summary

Please click here for the weather warning summary and the tropical cyclone bulletin.


Arrangements during Bad Weather

In case of typhoon signal no. 8, arrangements for Saturday, 30 June are as follows:

If the signal is lowered

  • at or before 07:30, talk schedule remains the same without delay, starting at 09:00;
  • between 07:31 and 09:00 inclusive, schedule will delay for 2 hours according to the lowering time;
  • between 09:01 and 12:00 inclusive, lunch will be cancelled, whilst parallel sessions and talks followed by closing ceremony will begin at 13:30 instead;
  • between 12:01 and 13:30 inclusive, lunch and parallel sessions will be cancelled, whilst plenary talks and closing ceremony will begin at 15:00 instead;
  • after 13:30, lunch, parallel sessions, plenary talks and closing ceremony will be cancelled.

    The cruise

    In the event typhoon signal no. 3 or above be hoisted or black rainstorm be issued on Saturday, the cruise will automatically be cancelled, unless the signals are lowered two hours before the start time, i.e. before 16:30.

    If you have any questions about whether the cruise is cancelled or not, please call the cruise companyˇ¦s hotline on 2926-3868 on that day. Thank you.

     Organiser :
        Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, HKU        HKU100