Keynote Speakers

Wolfgang Karl HardleHumboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Germany
Jun LiuHarvard University USA and Tsinghua University, China
Qiwei YaoLondon School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Confirmed Invited Sessions

Session No.Session TitleOrganizer(s)
IS1Statistical Methods for Large Scale DataZehua Chen, Ying Chen
IS2Research Metrics: Methods and Applications to the Analysis of the Web of ScienceFrederick Kin Hing Phoa
IS3Financial Econometrics on Complex DataRay-Bing Chen, Shih-Feng Huang
IS4Advanced Experimental Design and AnalysisRay-Bing Chen, Hsiang-Ling Hsu
IS5Complex Bayesian models and EM algorithmJaeyong Lee
IS6Big Data Analytics and Methods for High-Throughput Biological DataHsin-Chou Yang
IS7Bayesian Statistics and Big DataMayer Alvo
IS8New topics in noisy and complex dataYoshikazu Terada, Hiroshi Yadohisa
IS9Case studies in big-data analysisJeff Jianfeng Yao
IS10YS-ISI Session (I): Computational statistics with applicationsHan-Ming Wu
IS11YS-ISI Session (II): Machine learning with applicationsHan-Ming Wu
IS12Recent Statistical Development for Analysing Big Genomic DataZhonghua Liu
IS13Numerical computation methods for multivariate distributionsMasahiro Kuroda
IS14Statistical analysis of data with complicated structuresJunji Nakano
IS15Medical and health analysis, mathematical approachMakoto Tomita, Yoshiro Yamamoto
IS16Knowledge Discovery in Big DataErniel Barrios
IS17Count Big DataErniel Barrios
IS18Recent Advances in Modelling Complex DataThomas Fung
IS19Analysis and Application of Integrative Genomic StudiesChuhsing Kate Hsiao
IS20Data mining and integration to achieve precision medicine in the era of big dataTzu-Pin Lu
IS21Big Data AnalyticsMd. Shariful Islam
IS22Statistical Computing for Business AnalyticsCathy W.S. Chen, Mike K.P. So
IS23Time Series Analysis: Methods and ApplicationsMike K.P. So, Cathy W.S. Chen
IS24Computational Actuarial ScienceK.C. Cheung
IS25Recent advances in bootstrap inference for high-dimensional regressionStephen Lee
IS26Recent advances in complex time series analysisW.K. Li
IS27Modeling and analyzing ranking dataPhilip L.H. Yu
IS28Applications in IndustryS.N. Chiu
IS29Modern Statistical Methods for Complex or High-Dimensional DataKin Yau Wong
IS30Analysis of large-scale matrix and tensor dataJunhui Wang
IS31Interpretable Machine Learning in Banking and FinanceA.J. Zhang
IS32Recent developments in time series analysisGuodong Li
IS33High dimensional theory and applicationLin Hou, Hanzhong Liu
(Updated on May 8, 2019)