ISI Young Statisticians Meeting (YSI 2013)
Wakimoto Memorial Students Session

Awardees List (alphabetical order)

  • Kun Chen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
         "Empirical Likelihood in Gaussian Long Memory Time Series is Slightly Bartlett Correctable"
  • Shu-Yu Chen, Feng Chia University
         "Bayesian Unit Root Test in Double Markov Switching Heteroskedastic Model"
  • Ali Dastbaravarde, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
         "On estimation of population mean in Judgment post stratification sampling with concomitant variable"
  • Sharon Lee, University of Queensland
         "On Automated Gating of Flow Cytometric Data using Finite Mixtures of Unrestricted Multivariate Skew t-Distributions"
  • Liubov Markovich, Russian Academy of Sciences
         "Gamma kernel estimation of density derivatives based on dependent data"
  • Mahdi Teimouri, Amirkabir University of Technology
         "Some Weibull shape parameter estimator based on records values"
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