ISI Young Statisticians Meeting (YSI 2013)

Welcome to YSI 2013

As a satellite meeting to the 2013 ISI World Congress, and the second time that it is being held, the 2013 ISI Young Statisticians Meeting (YSI 2013) seeks to promote the active participation of early career statisticians in the epicentre of the ISI World Congress. The meeting will take place from August 23-24, 2013, preceeding the 2013 ISI World Congress. Taking place in the campus of the University of Hong Kong, the YSI meeting will give the opportunity for young statisticians to present their work in an encouraging and heartening environment, providing them with a forum where they can build scientific bonds with colleagues in their respective fields.

Further to interactions with fellow young statisticians, the meeting will allow participants to learn from and interact with some of the leaders of the discipline who will be attending ISI 2013 in a more informal, compact and conducive environment than the larger main ISI World Congress itself.

Statistical themes covered in the meeting will be broad and diverse, reflecting the ISI's all encompassing character.

The ISI World Statistics Congress

  • The 59th World Statistics Congress, August 25-30, 2013, Hong Kong


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