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Postdoctoral Fellow



Rm 202, Run Run Shaw Building



(852) 3917-8155


(852) 2858-9041

   Research Interests

Machine learning; Natural Language Process.

   Selected Publications
  1. Zenglin Xu , Bin Liu, Shandian Zhe , Haoli Bai , Zihan Wang ,Jennifer Neville: "Variational random function model for network modeling." IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems 30.1 (2018): 318-324

  2. Bin Liu, Zenglin Xu, "NeuralCP: Bayesian Multiway Data Analysis with Neural Tensor Decomposition." Cognitive Computation 10.6 (2018): 1051-1061.

  3. Bin Liu, Yingming Li, Zenglin Xu. Manifold Regularized Matrix Completion for Multi-label Learning with ADMM". Neural Networks, pp.57-67,2018

  4. Bin Liu, Lirong He, Shandian Zhe, Yingmin Li, Zenglin Xu. DeepCP: Flexible Nonlinear Tensor Decomposition" NIPS workshop on Bayesian Deep Learning, 2017.

  5. Bin Liu, Zenglin Xu, Haoli Bai et al. Learning from Semantically Dependent Multi-Tasks" International Joint Conference on Neural Networks(IJCNN), pp. 3498-3505, 2017

  6. Bin Liu, Zenlin Xu, Shuang Wu, and Fei Wang. Manifold Regularized Matrix Completion for Multilabel Classi_cation". Pattern Recognition Letters, vol.80, pp.58-63, 2016.

  7. Haoli Bai, Zenglin Xu,Bin Liu, Yingming Li. Hierarchical Probabilistic Matrix Factorization with Network Topology for Multi-relational Social Network" Asian Conference on Machine Learning(ACML), pp. 270-285, 2016 . (Best student paper runner up)

  8. Bin Liu, Chao Song, Nianbo Liu. Distinguishing uncertain objects with multiple features for crowdsensing" IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), pp. 2751-2756,2014. (Best paper nominated)