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Master of Statistics (MStat)

 Subject Prize Awardees

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2022-23, summer semester
STAT7007 Categorical Data AnalysisTBC
STAT8306 Statistical methods for network dataTBC
STAT8308 Blockchain data analyticsTBC
2022-23, 2nd semester
STAT6015 Advanced quantitative risk management and financeLAI Chun Kiu (PT)
STAT6017 Operational risk and insurance analyticsLAI Chun Kiu (PT)
STAT7006 Design and analysis of sample surveysNo awardee
STAT7102 Advanced statistical modelling ZHU Zhihan (FT)
STAT8017 Data mining techniquesCHAN Chun Ting (PT)
STAT8000 Workshop on spreadsheet modelling and database managementNo prize
STAT8020 Quantitative strategies and algorithmic tradingGUO Tingyu (FT)
STAT8021 Big data analyticsNo awardee
2022-23, 1st semester
STAT6009 Research methods in statisticsHUANG Moyuan (FT)
STAT6010 Advanced probabilityHUANG Moyuan (FT)
YANG Yujie (FT)
STAT6011 Computational statisticsZHU Zhihan (FT)
STAT6013 Financial data analysisLIU Wen (FT)
HE Zeyu (FT)
STAT7005 Multivariate methodsLAI Chun Kiu (PT)
STAT7008 Programming for data scienceWANG Xiaoyu (FT)
STAT7101 Fundamentals of statistical inference YAN Wuyuxuan (FT)
STAT8003 Time series forecastingGUO Tingyu (FT)
STAT8007 Statistical methods in economics and financeWANG Xiaoyu (FT)
STAT8016 BiostatisticsWANG Mengxue (FT)
STAT8019 Marketing analyticsLAI Chun Kiu (PT)
STAT8300 Career development and communication workshopNo prize