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Master of Data Science (MDASC)

 Subject Prize Awardees

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2022-23, Summer semester
STAT8306 Statistical methods for network dataTBC
STAT8308 Blockchain data analyticsTBC
2022-23, 2nd semester
STAT6015 Advanced quantitative risk management and financeCHEN Yitian (FT)
STAT7102 Advanced statistical modelling CHEN Zeyu (FT)
STAT8017 Data mining techniquesWANG Shuo (FT)
STAT8307 Natural Language Processing and Text AnalysisHUANG Qian Rui (FT)
LI Qiaohong (FT)
2022-23, 1st semester
DASC7011 Statistical Inference for Data ScienceCHEN Zeyu (FT)
STAT6008 Advanced Statistical InferenceCHEN Zeyu (FT)
STAT6013 Financial data analysisKAN Ho Lam (PT)
STAT6016 Spatial data analysisCHEN Zeyu (FT)
STAT7008 Programming for data scienceDU Shenghui (FT)
LIU Haotong (FT)
STAT8003 Time series forecastingKUNG Wing Kit (PT)
STAT8019 Marketing analyticsLI Zhili (FT)