Vision & Mission


The Big Data Research Cluster (BDRC) of the Faculty of Science aims to provide HKU wide leadership and strategies in research, education, and technology transfer in the multidisciplinary field of big data, and thereby generate bigger impacts to HKU and the broader community.

  1. To determine strategic directions for big data research in the Faculty of Science.

  2. To foster interdisciplinary research collaboration in data sciences within the Faculty and across the University of Hong Kong.

  3. To enhance research capacity building within the Faculty in the area of big data with a view to catalyzing the development of large-scale RGC-funded projects (e.g. CRF, TRS and ITF) and generating visible impacts to society.

  4. To encourage and facilitate translational research and knowledge exchange activities for supporting industry and educating the community.

  5. To advise on interdisciplinary curricula at the graduate and undergraduate level to train the next generation of professionals in data analytics and data sciences.


October 25, 2016