Terms of Reference

Members of the BDRC will be responsible:
  1. To identify research strengths of the Faculty of Science in the area of big data.

  2. To organize annual Big Data Symposium as a platform for catalyzing research collaboration among Science colleagues in this interdisciplinary research area.

  3. To encourage professoriate staff to develop interdisciplinary big data research project proposals across the six Departments/School of the Faculty of Science.

  4. To set up guidelines and selection criteria for research project applications and manage the Big Data Project Fund (BDPF) provided by the Faculty.

  5. To call for BDPF application, and evaluate the research project applications based on the selection criteria and project merit.

  6. To monitor the implementation of the funded projects.

  7. To coordinate and organize major research grant applications in the area of big data (e.g. CRF, TRS, Mid-stream ITF, and other relevant research funds provided by the Government). 

  8. To publicize big data research results obtained by colleagues of the Faculty of Science.

  9. To liaise between industry and faculty members to form partners in big data endeavors.

  10. To seek industrial support and donations for supporting our big data research.

  11. To organize seminars, public lectures, workshops and conferences related to the subject of big data and data sciences.

  12. To support trainings of undergraduate and graduate students, lecturers, professoriate staff and IT persons in the Faculty in the subject of big data.     


October 20, 2016